Succeeding in an age of disruption and rapid change dictates the imperative of grounding strategic decisions on facts, insight and foresight. Informing strategic thinking is Incisive’s core business. While aligning with customers and markets is critical in today’s businesses, senior management also has to detect and interpret signals of change.

The implications? These must be anticipated and acted on in the current cycle to prepare the business for inevitable change. Successful businesses sense the strong signals of change like the impact of digital. They understand the imperative of proactive action to prepare for the future.  They recognise the perils of “let’s wait till next year” as an excuse for procrastination. Long term success also dictates sensing the weak signals of change before competitors do. Informed foresight is a strategic imperative.

Incisive bring both insight and foresight to our clients’ strategic decision making processes. We test assumptions, socialise facts, and provide tested frameworks to facilitate and align thinking, actions and measurable outcomes across the three strategic horizons and across the business.


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